You can choose between two different main branches, German language and Culture and society.

Culture and society

The branch general studies seeks to investigate the major ideas about the world and what it means to be human. We will talk and learn about things like:

History of ideas

Where we as an example philosophize about good and evil – in connection to e.g. terrorism, history, but also on a very everyday level of human interaction. We also look into the big ideas from natural science – and go out in the world and connect it to reality..


Where we look at how communication works, both theories of communication, but also connected to real life – we also look into the history and development of language – how and why we communicate, and how we learn languages.

Anthropology – the study of human beings

We look into the early history of mankind, what kind of animal are we, and where do we come from? – what is culture, art, religion…. And all these other things? We connect all this to the human society around us, by going out and doing exercises, observation, and participate in different kinds of situations and try to figure out what this can tell us about being human.


What is politics, democrazy, why and how do we do it – how does it work, where does it come from…

All this connected to the topic of Culture and society and in this way looking at our world in the broadest possible way of thinking and learning about what it means to be human, and how the world works, by discussing, investigating, doing experiments, and going out in the world to test and reflect about all out ideas.