Life at Folk high School Højøster

In Danish Folk High Schools there are no exams and demands for previous grades or occupation. It’s a unique concept in Scandinavian cultural. A stay at a Folk High School can be an intense experience, where both speed and contemplation are present at the same time. Both in the teaching and the people you meet.

Where do i live?

You live at the school, which has Denmark’s most beautiful view looking over the Aabenraa Fjord. The inlet is literally 50 meters away and is only separated from the school by a road. In just 2 minutes you have sand under your feet and water to splash in. We play beach volleyball and make bonfires on the beach. Some kite surfs and other bathes. No matter what, you become a part of a great community. Everyday life consists of a good mix of teaching, joint activities, play, excursions, party and fun. And even though there is no teaching on weekends, most students still choose to stay at the college.

With a Folk high school stay you get an unforgettable experience for life, with lots of new friendships.

You can choose to live either in a single or in a double room. Your room is your home, which is why we value that you and your roomie get along well. All rooms have bathroom and terrace or balcony, where you can relax and have a good time.

Attending a course on Østersøen means that the “højskole” is your home. You’ll share everyday life with both teachers and staff, in and outside of classes. This provides a very special ambiance. You’ll also have the opportunity to influence the school by engaging in the bar committee, arranging student nights or other projects.


We are a multicultural Folk High School and there for we mainly teach in English, the foundation of the Folk High Schools is that it’s for everybody. And we think that to expand your knowledge intellectual, physical, mindfully, musically and creatively, you do that best through differences. Differences in culture, language, background and interests.

For us to teach you best, we need your engagement, to start at a Folk High School demands interest, participation and that you can communicate in English. When we work with languages at Højskolen Østersøen, it is with the goal that everyone should be able to talk together. We have students from all corners of Europe who are learning languages with and from each other. with workshops, lectures and subject days. All students have very different prerequisites and no matter how much or how little language you know, we strengthen your language together. At all levels – also yours. We work on three different levels (beginning, easily practiced, advanced), and we know that we can give you a positive experience by learning languages. An experience you may not have in the luggage, but we have 20 years of experience giving you.


You can choose from 3 lines at our college; Skiing in Austria, Nature Retour and our General line. You can read more about the three lines by clicking on the pictures below. The three lines involve some mandatory subjects, but you can choose electives within all the lines.