Welcome to Folk High School Østersøen

Become wiser about the world around you – nature, sustainability, society, politics, language, culture, climate, environment, sports, skiing, and instructor.

About Højskolen Østersøen

We are an innovative experimentarium in personal, social and environmental sustainability. There is no other requirement for you to attend Danish Folk High School Østersøen other than your commitment and dedication to expanding your horizons. We are an international Folk High School, where all teaching takes place in English. Each year we accept a limited attendance of international students.

Want to learn more about the Danish Folk High School Østersøen and what you can learn and experience?


Take a look around and discover a whole new world (yes we quote Aladdin). Here are some quick links to get you started:

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  • Already out of breath of all the practical things? We’ve made a complete overview of all that right here