Our concept

Each week we offer eight hours of branch specific self-elected subjects, where you decide if you want to immerse yourself into the topics of culture and society, if you want to focus on music or something else entirely. The remainder of your schedule will be filled by optional subjects, and we do offer a wide variety.   

An international melting pot of ideas

At Højskolen Østersøen, you get the chance to discuss your ideas about democracy with young people from all over Europe. The school becomes a living melting pot of language and culture, where your opinions become central to the debate and the entire school environment. When you leave the school, you will have made friends and acquaintances from all over Europe – and that is a network you will be able to use at all times.

Language skills promote good conversations

At Højskolen Østersøen we are experts in teaching language. That is why we offer to stimulate your linguistic talents should you choose the language branch. You will be able to use your new language skills in the day to day communication with the rest of your team, and you will of course be able to add your language skills to future job applications. A part from English, you can choose additional language lessons in German, Danish and Chinese.

A healthy body = A healthy mind

Sports and outdoor activities are a regular part of the schedule. We use the surrounding nature actively, so you will not spend all of your days hunched over a school desk. The local fjord is the scene for sea kayaks and other types of boating, while the forest is used for adventure racing, and the local sports facilities are used for indoor sports and ballgames. We use our regional network to offer you a selection of great activities on a level where everyone can participate. Please remember to bring clothes suitable for outdoor activities.