World Lab – Ideas for tomorrow

Højskolen Østersøen had a central role in the global innovation lab UNLEASH, which brought together 1.000 people from all over the world to transform personal insights into hundreds of ideas and build lasting global networks around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The importance of fellowship

In Denmark, the tradition of Folk High Schools was used to gain new ideas for learning, innovation and the importance of fellowship in creating new ways of working together.

Folk High Schools are learning institutions focusing on personal development, community and open collaboration. They offer immersive experiences to students of all ages based on values such as democratic debate, practical learning and a citizen-to-citizen approach.

Our part

Højskolen Østersøen hosted 125 talents in 2017 and provided the optimal setting for the participants to rethink existing approaches and produce breakthrough solutions.

This means that we have a unique position to continue the project and to continue the search for sustainable solutions for the world’s biggest challenges.

Højskolen Østersøen was also participating in UNLEASH 2018 in Singapore.

Join us and become part of a leading global initiative for change.

The next long course takes place from the 11th of August to the 14th of December 2018.