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What is


Which way to go? What kind of life would you like to live and why? What is fundamentally contributing to one’s existence? And how do you make an informed choice when the information base is largely darkened?

Experimenta is the line where the focus is on imparting the necessary knowledge and tools to pursue the career, education, and life you want.

Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership are part of this course. The course is an experiment where you have to try as many things as possible – and gain as much insight and understanding as possible.

Theory without practical application is worthless.

A little less talking and a lot more action !!

Who are you?

Experimenta is for you who want to challenge yourself on what you can and need to spend your working life on. The course is for you who would like to raise and expand the horizon and try your hand at new aspects of yourself and your skills.

A very basic question could be: Should I be an employee or self-employed? And how can I put together the skills I need to realize my goal?

What you have in your luggage is not so important. The course is for everyone and does not require specific knowledge and skills as the starting point is where the individual is.

The Course

Starts on January 11 and lasts 23 weeks. The course costs EURO 175 a week, that incl. food, room with shower / toilet and your education.