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Become an instructor at HØ

With the instructor line, you have the opportunity to specialize in skiing, fitness, adventure sports, and nature / outdoor life.

With HØ’s instructor line, we embrace the educational, technical, social, linguistic and professional topics you need to become a good instructor. Once you have chosen your educational direction, such as a mountain bike instructor or ski instructor, we provide you with the proper instructor skills so you can take on an instructor job afterward.

Job guarantee and job placement

At the ski and fitness team, we work with a concept called ‘folk high school with job guarantee’. This means that as a student on this line you will be guaranteed a job as a ski instructor in the coming season in Austria.

At adventure sports and nature guide, we work with the concept of ‘folk high school with job placement’. Part of the course is prepared in collaboration with various adventure-oriented travel agencies, which arrange trips around the world. When choosing this line, you will be dressed to apply for jobs such as a nature guide in Greenland or a water guide in the Faroe Islands.

  • Skiing technique and skiing theory
  • German language
  • Fitness – in this subject you will be certified as DGI Fitness Instructor
  • Trekking and trail
  • Bushcraft / survival in the wild
  • Sea kayaking – opportunity to become a certified instructor.
  • Mountain biking – opportunity to become a certified instructor
  • Expanded understanding of nature
  • General understanding of nature
  • Basic physical training
  • Pedagogy

Statements from former students

Jeppe – “It was super cool to be in high school for the four months – you get a very special relationship and you get to know people in a very unique way. You sleep, be taught, eat, spend leisure time and party under the same roof. we came to Austria we were already well equipped both culturally and linguistically. ”

Jacob – “I was really happy with my stay in college. You are surprised by how many sweet people there can be in one place. Everyone was just so friendly and I think it proves that if you get to know people well, then you will not be disappointed with what you find out. Otherwise, skiing is just a good appeal for lovely people. ”

Karina – I don’t know what to expect before starting on the ski instructor line. But one thing is for sure; It was much fatter! Austria was fantastic. I had very positive experiences with my employer/employers. I felt that if I had questions or anything I would like to talk about, I could always say that.

Jonas – “If you only had a few German lessons during the four months we went to the Baltic Sea High School and therefore can understand just a little German, then it will come quickly. I already spoke much better German after just two weeks, and it only gets better with time because you now have no choice but to speak German. ”