Become a part of the solution

Although we live in a time where bees and insects disappear, the degrees rise, the ice sheet melts and the oceans are filled with plastic and waste, we still can do something. With Nature:Retour you will be equipped with more than just good arguments over the dinner table, you get the tools to act and go out into the world and create solutions to our climate and environmental problems. You will also be more aware of where you stand in the transition, what you can do and where to put your time and energy.

The world faces some major challenges these years, and we are most likely the last generations to have a real opportunity to make a difference to the climate and the natural world. Sustainable development is the solution to these issues and something we care deeply about, but change is a complex size and you need a good insight and understanding to access the solutions.

This course is aimed at those who want to make a change but want to find the right approach and be part of a unity that care about these matters. It is organized with a broad and in-depth interdisciplinary focus that covers societal, human and scientific perspective, and with a solution-oriented approach to addressing the transition we face. You will be presented with a number of valuable tools and resources that will enable you to take a position on your role in the transition and make a positive difference in the world, whether local, regional, or global.

Start at the 11th of January 

Bi på blomst

Who you are?

Nature:Retour is for those who want immersion and understanding of the causes and consequences of the global challenges and what solutions exist. Our teachers offer an in-depth academic substance, based on concrete experiences from real life experience. The theory is supported by practical challenges and project-based teaching. This combination will prepare you to work on sustainability challenges from different perspectives. We welcome people of all backgrounds – the most important thing is your interest and curiosity for new exciting topics.

Dirty hands from day one

This cannot be taught from a classroom only. We will get our hands dirty and experience nature first hand. As a teaching element we will build our own backyard farm, and thereby learn about permaculture, food production, self-sufficiency, and much more. We will be staying in shelters, hike in nature, cook over bonfires and return to more natural and less consuming ways of living.