Become a ski instructor with Højskolen Østersøen

Four months at a folk high school in Denmark by the water – four months at the best skiing locations in Austria in the snow. An experience for life.  As a member of the ski instructor-team you are guaranteed work in the Austrian skisport-season for four months. We get the job for you – you just have to pack the skiis. Besides becoming a ski instructor you can also work at the gearshops or become a waiter. Read more about that further down on the page.

The next ski instructor course starts on the 11th of August and finishes on the 13th of December 2019. You will get four months at the sea and four months in the mountains. During the stay at the school, you will further develop your social and language skills to prepare you for the work in Austria.  You will go to Austria with your friends from the school and therefore you will already have a network before you arrive on the ski slopes.


Why a Folk High School?

During the four months, you will be trained to handle the challenges that you encounter during your work in Austria. You will get used to dealing with very different people and still make the social part work. At Højskolen Østersøen you will be part of an international environment, where you will meet young people from all of Europe. You can use these experiences when the going gets tough on the ski slopes, in the peak hours of the hotel or the staff house in Austria. If you want to become a ski instructor, waiter or work with ski equipment through Højskolen Østersøen, then we will make sure that you are equipped with the necessary language skills to teach or serve in an active and sometimes hectic environment. In the selectable subject Pistendeutsch, you will learn all the Austrian words and phrases which will become a big part of your work in Austria. We recommend this selectable subject to all the skibums. You can also become part of a very active environment at Højskolen Østersøen. If you want to exercise to keep in shape, you can sign up for ski gymnastics. Here you will be physically prepared for the many hours on the slopes.

Study trip to Austria

In the middle of your stay at the School Højøster, we take a study trip to Austria. This is always a great milestone for those students who wish to become a ski instructor, as they must attend the instructor course in Kaprun. So we take you to Austria and make sure you get through your education well. We have a long-standing collaboration with the ski-bound SBSSV in Kaprun, at the Kitsteinhorn glacier. The length of the instructor course is 10 days. Based on the preparatory teaching you have received at the college, approx. 95% of our students get their certificate. Should it happen that one does not consist the course examinations there is still the possibility to go off to Austria. You just have to take a re-examination in March. If you want to work as a waiter or in a ski shop, you also take the trip to Austria. Here we will visit your future workplace and go sightseeing in the beautiful and cultural city of Salzburg.

Intense language teaching

When we work with languages at Højskolen Østersøen, it is with the goal that everyone should be able to talk together. We have students from all corners of Europe who are learning languages with and from each other. with workshops, lectures and subject days. All students have very different prerequisites and no matter how much or how little language you know, we strengthen your language together. At all levels – also yours. We work on three different levels (beginning, easily practiced, advanced), and we know that we can give you a positive experience by learning languages. An experience you may not have in the luggage, but we have 20 years of experience giving you.

Statements from previous students



Statement from Jeppe

“It was so great to be at the school for four months – you get a very special unity and you get to know the people in a completely unique way. You sleep, are taught, eat, spend leisure and parties under the same roof. When we arrived to Austria we were already well equipped both culturally and linguistically. “



Statement from Jacob

Staying at the college I was really happy about. One is surprised at how many nice people can be in one place. Everyone was just so friendly and I think it proves that if you get to know people really well, you won’t be disappointed with what you find out. Otherwise, skiing has just a good appeal to lovely people.



Statement from Karina

I don’t quite know what I had expected before I started at the ski course. But one thing is for sure; It was much nicer! Austria was fantastic. I had very positive experiences with my employer / employers. I felt that if I had questions or anything I wanted to talk about, I could always say it.



Statement from Jonas

If you only paid a little attention in the German lessons the four months we went to school at Højøster, and therefore can understand just a little German, then it comes quickly. Personally, I already spoke much better German after just two weeks, and it only gets better over time because now you have no choice but to speak German.