World Citizen

“THE WORLD CITIZENS in our time means the person who takes up today’s great burning global problems to contribute to solutions that can benefit the whole of humanity” (Peter Kemp, 2005: 15). A quote from well-known, respected and visionary Danish philosopher Peter Kemp, from his book: “World citizen as an educational ideal”.

Are you interested in society, both locally, regionally and globally? At the World Citizen line, we are dealing with a broad range of societal issues and phenomena. Who holds who when European countries negotiate? Why do some sacrifice their own and others’ lives in the name of religion? Are the Danes really the happiest people in the world and what role does trust play? These are just some of the questions we will discuss and review.

Become wiser on the world around you and expand your horizon through high-quality teaching and social experience.


Who are you?

You have a keen interest in the world around you and are curious about why people act as they do and what impact society has on us. Perhaps you have a dream about attending university to read social sciences, politics, history or other, common is the curiosity to learn about the world and become a world citizen.

Opportunities and subjects

The World Citizen and Nature Retour directions are built up in three modules of 6 weeks each. In addition, there will be theme weeks where we work interdisciplinary between the two directions. You have a high impact on how you want to put together your stay. For example, you can take one module with Nature Retour and two modules with World Citizens.