Us that you will meet at Folk High School Østersøen

We are a mixed group of people at HØ, and that is entirely on purpose. One of our mantras is that ‘in diversity the community arises’. Whatever position we may hold at the school, it is all about giving you the best experience. We see all the school’s staff and rooms as being available to give you just that – experiences for life.

Morten Erbs

Head Master

Thomas Maschoreck

+45 7332 5153

Deputy General Manager & Head of Finance and Administration

Education: cand.oecon from SDU-Odense 1997

Thomas has worked as a clerk / specialist consultant in various places in Southern Jutland health care, office manager in the Directorate for Health in Nuuk in Greenland, finance and planning manager at Hospital Southern Jutland (7 years), chief financial officer at Odense University Hospital (5 years) and has for the past year operated own consultancy with focus on analyzes in the health sector.

Thomas is a smiling, positive and optimistic being. A service-minded person who lends a hand if needed.

“I can he offer private financial advice / financial mentoring scheme” 😊

In his spare time, an active exercise player with 50 marathon runs on the CV.

Pernille Berg Engelhardt

+45 7332 5152

Communication, Marketing, and Webmaster

Pernille is a trained marketing economist and multimedia designer, where the primary focus has always been aesthetics, UX design, social media and IT. She is responsible for everything related to the website, social media, communication, and marketing coordination at school. Also, she is the coordinator for the short courses.

“I am always ready if there is a problem to be solved or a cup of coffee to drink.”

She lives at school with her husband Oliver and their two children.

Xiaoyu Jorgensen

+45 7332 5151


Xiaoyu sits in the administration and always sends a friendly smile to those who come to school. If there is something you don’t know or you need help, then it is her that you should turn to. She is our ‘administration squid’.

Xiaoyu also teaches Tai-Chi and Qi Gong, which our students always love to be guided.

Xiaoyu lives in the school


Niels Bjørn Wied

Teacher & Head of World Citizenship, as well as teaching elective politics & society. Also has several short courses

Niels Bjørn has a mixed educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Humanities degree in Eastern European Studies with Russian as a language. He holds a Master of Political Science from Aarhus University. During his studies he has spent semesters at St Petersburg State University (Russia), at the renowned university KU Leuven (Belgium), and half a year as an intern at the Danish Cultural Institute in Riga (Latvia).

“I am an Eastern European geek raised in East Jutland. My heart burns just as much for culture and politics, and it made me read Russian and social studies at Aarhus University. I am thrilled by Dostoevsky and Tolstoy’s books, Russian pancakes, Baltic films. I have lived in Russia, Latvia and Belgium. Besides studying, I have, among other things, staged a Baltic film festival on my feet and gave lectures on Putin’s Russia. interpersonal dialogue across borders. At home in the duck pond I like to pull the rubber rubs when I have to chase chanterelles or past life in the Danish landscapes. ”

Katrine Turner

Teacher & course coordinator for Nature: Return, and elective ‘green finger’. Has several short courses in sustainability, nature, and food

Katrine Turner is a trained biologist and author of the Nature Garden – the diverse garden. Among other things, she has worked on picking wild herbs for restaurants, designed gardens at, among others, the Natural History Museum Aarhus and restaurant Gemyse. Also, she has been in Africa working on various projects on sustainable agriculture, forestry, and ecosystem services.

Katrine sees her students at eye level and manages to convey complicated content in an easy-to-understand and pragmatic way. She can dress you up to get back to nature.

Nikolaj Qvist

Teacher & main instructor. Also teaches fitness

Teaches eg in skiing, personal training, ski preparatory training, and pedagogy.

Nikolaj is an educated primary school teacher from Aarhus, with the subject subjects physics/chemistry, food science, and not least sports. He is a trained fitness instructor and former football coach.

Nikolaj is very fond of sports and has a hard time sitting still. “I’ve been skiing since I was 3 years old, which has led me to Canada for 6 months, among other things. I drove the Canadian slopes in smashes and jumped out of a helicopter with skis on.”

“I went to college myself and it has been a huge experience I do not want to be beside, college life is too fat! I have traveled a lot around the world and experienced on my own body how rewarding it can be to come to other countries During my travels I received a bartender training in Thailand and worked on a mango farm in Australia. ”

Andreas Hartmann Nielsen

Teaches eg in skiing, sea kayaking, mountain biking, sustainable business and, international business development.

Andreas is a trained ski instructor, where he has taught both on the slopes in the Alps and on indoor skiing in Denmark. He is also a trained kayak instructor where he has taught in the Danish archipelago and the Copenhagen canals. He is also educated Cand. Merc. in International Business Development, where he has focused on how to work tangibly with the development of companies in a national and international context. Also, he holds a Bachelor of Philosophy and Business Administration. Here he has worked on many different philosophical aspects of business economics. Eg. how economic rationality has an impact on our society today and how to work tangibly and sensibly with some of the ethical challenges that arise in the meeting between capitalism and humanism.

“I have a great passion for many different sports including running, skiing, kayaking, open water swimming, and mountain biking. Besides, I love to travel and experience the nature of the world with everything it has to offer.”

Kaare Meldgaard

Teaches philosophy and outdoor life, among other things, has philosophical hiking lessons

Kaare means the curly-haired – and I have, at times, curly brain, whether it be by philosophizing on life’s big questions, or seeing new places to explore with my students. I am the newest good conversations and active companion – and the future of everything in meeting people from all over Europe who can enrich our everyday lives at college.

Niels Troldborg

Teaches music

Niels Kristian Troldborg is educated in Musicology from the University of Aarhus and as a pianist from the soloist class at the Jutland Music Conservatory, and has been an after-school teacher at Ingstrup Efterskole and College teacher at Løgumkloster Højskole before coming to the Baltic Sea University. Here at the school, Niels teaches piano, music, choir and, gives lectures on music and music-related topics on short and long courses. Also, he plays piano for morning assembly, choir, concerts etc.

Ann-Marie Nielsen

Teaches language

Educated primary school teacher from Jelling Seminar, with a line subject in Danish and shaping / visual arts.
Pæd. spec. B + C (young / adult and children / young people with learning difficulties)

Have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for 3.5 years, where I have taught at the Danish camp school in Gizan, the US international school and been a cleaning supervisor at the Riyadh University Hospital.

At home again, I have tried almost everything within Danish teaching of adult foreigners. That is why I have also taken all the extra courses / education that was needed at that time to work at a language center.

I have worked for DRC at asylum centers, been both teacher and deputy director at a language center, as well as worked as a consultant in the language school area and been the head of the Adult Pedagogical Center in both South Jutland and Ribe County.

Now I am here as a dance teacher and enjoy working with my profession in a completely different and very rewarding way, while also enjoying life as a part-time pensioner.

Ole Melgaard

Teaches language

I am an educated primary school teacher from Kolding Seminar 1972.

I have the line subjects Danish and history as well as pedagogical thesis C, which focuses on teaching children with special difficulties.

For several years I have been employed at a daycare center partly as a teacher and partly as a deputy director.

For the past many years I have been teaching Danish as a second language at language centers.

In my spare time, I am very busy reading, especially history has my interest.


Francois Top


Francois works a lot with sustainability, reducing food waste and self-production. Other than that he serves delicious and nutritious food to all of us



Focusing on sustainability, nature and fresh produce, Jeppe contributes to the school’s green profile. Jeppe is a trained chef and a MMA fighter in his spare time.



Conny works as a cleaning and kitchen service assistant where she helps with everything from food preparation, cleaning, and cleaning. She is one of the many lovely people we have at school who make sure the wheels are running.


Martin Fangel

+45 5127 2742

The school caretaker and everything-possible-man

Martin is a trained electrician and can fix anything with his toolbox. He arranges the school and can best lie when it is all razor-sharp. He knocks every day to make the school work and also gives a hand if you need to fix something.

At Martin, you will meet a smiling and happy person who has screwed hands right.



Marianne, together with the other technical staff, gets the school working. She meets everyone with a smile and a friendly mind, and always has her shoes on. And while you may want to lend a hand, Marianne is so quick to fix it yourself that you can’t reach it.