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The next Folk High School stay takes place from the 11th of August to the 13th of December 2019. If you are going to attend the Skiing course your working period in Austria is from December 2019 until April 2020.

Next years spring course starts at the 11th of January or the 14th of Marts

To register for the long course this fall, simply complete this form.

To register for the long course next year, complete this form.

You are first guaranteed a seat on the course when half of the tuition fee is paid, and if you have to apply for a visa you’ll need to pay the entire tuition fee immediately. Please contact the administration at +45 74 62 47 00 if you are unsure on how to sign up.

The minimum age for enrollment is 17 1/2 years.

What does it cost to attend Folk High School Østersøen?

Economy Nature Retour and World Citizen

The Folk High School courses lasts 18 weeks

Double room total: 2.950 euro

If you want to stay in a single room, it costs 50 euro extra per week.

Single room total: 3.850 euro


The Ski Line has a mandatory study trip to Austria and are other than that a 36 weeks long course, 18 weeks in Denmark and 18 weeks in Austria.

Study trip: 935 euro, including bus transport, accommodation at the hotel and all meals.

Ski instructor certificate the Anwärter course: 735 euro, including lift pass for 10 days.

Total price for the ski line

Ski line: 18 weeks at the college 2.950 euro (in double room)

Study trip: 935 euro, including bus transport, accommodation at the hotel and all meals.

Ski instructor certificate: 735 euro, including lift pass for 10 days.

Total price: 4.620 euro*

*Traveling to Austria after graduation is not included. In connection with your work permit, you must add money to your lift card which is later refunded by the employer.

* The first payment will not be refunded if you don’t attend the course. See all of our terms and conditions here.

Other costs

  • Washing of clothes will cost €3 per wash, tumble drying included.
  • The amount of money you wish to bring in excess is entirely up to you, but given the fact we have a café in which soft drinks and snacks are sold – and there will be optional self-paid weekend and evening activities, some pocket money should be brought.
  • Not all meals will be provided for on the study trip, meaning some money should be allocated for food on the trip.

Do I need a visa?

That depends on where you live and come from. We will try and help you understand the process and what you have to do, for you to come to Højskolen Østersøen.

Inside EU and Scandinavian

If you are a citizen of a EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you do not need to apply for a residence permit, but must instead apply for a EU residence document. If you are enrolled in a course at a folk high school, you can be granted a permit for a folk high school stay in Denmark. [https://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-GB/You-want-to-apply/Study/Folk-high-school] 


Outside EU

To obtain a visa in Denmark, you must have a legal reason to be here. Attendance to a Danish Folk High School is a legal reason. But there are many other factors that are taken into account.

As a part of your application to get a visa in Denmark, you will need documentation on your enrollment at Højskolen Østersøen. Here is a short guide for attending at Højskolen Østersøen

  1. Enroll by clicking here
  2. You have to pay the whole tuition fee before you can apply for a residence permit. (In case that you don’t get the permit, you will be refunded the whole tuition fee)
  3. Start the application through this link 
  4. Please provide us with the case id by E-mail: pe@hojoster.dk
  5. Then we will provide documentation about your stay in Denmark and that you have paid the entire tuition fee

We will, of course, help you to get here and stand by with guidance. It can be overwhelming to get through the mandatory procedures for you to get to Denmark and start at Højskolen Østersøen. But we promise it will be worth your time and effort.

There are some basic demands for you to even apply for a residence permit, these are:

  • You must be able to speak and understand the language of instruction. You must be able to understand either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German with a reasonable level of proficiency.
  • You need to be able to pay the tuition fee and the residence permit fee (DKK 1.900, approx. EURO 255)

Helpful links:



Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions were last reviewed at the 08th of May 2019

School information

Højskolen Østersøen
Flensborgvej 48-50
6200 Aabenraa

Tlf.: +45 7462 4700
E-mail: info@hojoster.dk
CVR nr. 15756349

1. Conditions

The student receives instruction, excursions, etc. according to the times stated in the course program. Højskolen Østersøen reserves the right to change the program. Any changes may be due to illness or general force majeure. The school undertakes to find equivalent activities as a replacement. After registering, the student receives a confirmation of participation by mail. Approx. one month before the start of the course, the student will receive a practical letter by mail or letter with information about the course.

2. Enrollment

Enrollment takes place either by Højskolen Østersøen’s website web registration (www.hojoster.dk or by telephone inquiry. The registration is termed binding. The student receives written confirmation by mail.

3. Payment terms

Rates and payment terms are provided together with the description of each course. All prices are listed in Euros (Euro). All amounts are exempt from VAT, cf. VAT rules for education.

It is possible to pay with Visa or bank transfer.

Half of the tuition fee must be paid for the registration to apply. Upon cancellation, the intuition fee is not refunded. In case of an interrupted stay, payment must be made for the week started plus four weeks. If you don’t get a visa you will get a full refund of your money.

Your Folk High School stay is paid as followed:

  • Half of the tuition fee immediately
  • The rest of the tuition fee is paid the latest two months before the course start


  • Registration is only valid when the college has confirmed it and when half of the tuition fee has been paid.
  • We strongly recommend cancellation insurance on all our courses (cannot be purchased through the college)
  • No fees are charged for online payments.
  • If the 2nd tuition is not paid on time, Højskolen Østersøen contacts the student either per. e-mail or phone with a reminder of payment.


Online payment security

No account or credit card information is stored when paying online. All data communication in connection with the electronic payment is done via a third party, a secure payment solution (Bambora formerly E-pay), a so-called encrypted SSL connection according to regulations from NETS.

4. Return

The general law of 14 days’ right of withdrawal on goods and services purchased online is not applicable to Folk High School courses. If you cancel your registration, your registration will be canceled and our normal repayment rules for paid-in amounts will enter into force.

5. Complaints

Any complaints about errors/problems during payment or your stay can be directed to adm@hojoster.dk

6. Reservations

Reservations are made for print / key errors and for sold out courses; deviations from the written as well as the displayed images.

 7. Cancellation of courses

We serve the right to cancel courses if there are too few registrations or due to illness. In the event of cancellation, it will be possible to move the student’s registration to another course with vacant seats or get the money returned. The student will be contacted by email or telephone in case of cancellation. We cannot guarantee that canceled courses will be created at a later date. The course fee will only be refunded in case of cancellation or relocation of the course.