Højskolen Østersøen is situated in Aabenraa, Denmark, in the most beautiful surroundings close to the beach, with a view over The Fjord of Aabenraa and harbor.

The town is just 25 km from the Danish-German border and home to a number of education facilities and lesser cultural institutions. Aabenraa has well developed trade with many possibilities. As the town is situated in the middle of the border area, Aabenraa is the center of the German minority in the area Sønderjylland. Near to Højskolen Østersøen you will find Deutsche Zentralbücherei (The German Central Library) with which we are engaged in projects. There is gymnasium and swim bath, fitness centers, tennis courts, football stadium (soccer), rowing clubs, and sports center with bowling, skittle games, racket ball, amongst many other activities in the near vacancy to the school.

Aabenraa has some of the most beautiful nature in the area and has a well developed track system which offers rich opportunities for running and walking.

Højskolen Østersøen is situated

…20 meters from the seashore
…about 600 meter from the forest
…about a kilometer from swim bath and gymnasium
…about 1.5 km from the city’s vivid but yet relaxed center
…about 25 km from the Danish-German border.