You can stay at our folk high school both spring and autumn

The spring course lasts 23 weeks and costs 175 euro a week for a shared double room

The autumn course lasts 18 weeks and costs 175 euro a week for a shared double room

The weekly price covers food, accommodation, and tuition.

If you wan’t to stay in a single room, then you will have to pay an extra 55 euro a week

Special direction costs

Ski / Fitness (spring and autumn) 2.000 euro

The price covers various trips to the ski resort, ski technical lessons, trip to Austria incl. transport, board, and lodging, as well as ski lift pass and Antwerper ski certificate.

Nature guide and adventure instructor Euro 1.340


In some of our electives, there is an additional price, such as hunting signs.

Registration fee

When you sign up, you have to pay a registration fee of DKK 1,000. You can pay both online at registration or afterward via invoice with 14 days payment deadline. Your seat is only valid when the registration fee is paid. If you cancel your stay, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Terms of payment

When you are a foreign student, you have to pay your entire stay upfront. Only when you have paid the entire tuition fee, you can apply for a visa in Denmark.

An additional cost is added to the weekly price in relation to line selection and travel.


It is very important that during your stay you have leisure/accident insurance and travel insurance, especially with ski/fitness and nature guide and adventure instructor lines. In addition, we recommend that you be covered by a home insurance policy during your stay at the college.

When can I start?

The next course starts on January 11, 2020.

If you are unsure about how to sign up, please contact Pernille at The minimum age for enrollment is 17 1/2 years.