Various questions have appeared as the enrollment has started.
Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the course:
What does boarding include? How much money will I have to bring in excess of the course fee?
Boarding includes most of your needs.
That is; For the price you will get a bed, food (three meals and mid-meals snacks), classes, and the trip to an European capital city (TBA).
In short: all basic needs are covered.
However clothes washing will cost €3 per wash, tumble drying included.
The amount of money you wish to bring in excess is entirely up to you, but given the fact we have a café in which soft drinks and snacks are sold – and there will be optional self-paid weekend and evening activities, some pocket money should be brought.
Not all meals will be provided for on the study trip, meaning some money should be allocated for food on the trip.

Who can attend the course?
All adults are welcome at the school, regardless of education, ethnicity, and age. Adults are defined as people being of the age of 17½ by the course start date.

What should I bring?
You should bring your personal things such as clothes and items for personal hygiene. Bed linens, pillow casings and bedsheets can be rented (€10 / week) but if you wish to save on that expense, bring your own. Duvets and pillows will be provided but it is strictly required that bed linen is used!
In order to utilize the beach and swim stadium of Aabenraa, you should bring swimwear. As sport is an integral part of the course, sports clothes and indoor shoes should be brought.
Other than that you just need to bring your head and engage in the debate!

Is there facilities for internet (computers and/or Wi-Fi)?
The school has a total number of three computers available for all students to use. As the school can have as much 75 people enrolled, it is strongly recommended to bring your own laptop or similar with Wi-Fi as the wireless network is available in the entire school.

What other facilities does the school provide?
The school holds a small fitness room, as exercise has a priority at the school. We also have access to the fitness room of the professional handball players of Aabenraa.
The school provides a broad variety of Danish and German papers. Television is also available, and most of the class rooms have projectors which are used not only during classes but also for leisure time (such as movie marathons, informal presentations amongst the students, etc).
The entrance hall features a grand fireplace, and there is a room dedicated for the café, including a full size pool table as well as table tennis.
In addition a small number of bicycles are available for loan.
The nature surrounding the school can only be described as outstanding. The school is situated a mere 25 meters from the seashore and woods are found only a about half a kilometer’s walk away.

What about the food? Is it a problem that I’m a vegetarian?
We pride ourselves of our kitchen which provides as healthy and varied foods as possible.
If you are a vegetarian, have allergies, or are disallowed to eat certain foods due to your religion, this is in no way a problem – just let us know a fourth-night prior to your arrival so the kitchen can adjust their purchases. 

When am I guaranteed a place in the course?
The enrollement procedure has four steps:
1) You apply through the enrolment form online.
2) After enrolment you receive an email with further details and payment information.
3) You pay using the information mentioned above. Once you have payed, you are guaranteed a place at the school
4) We send you a welcome letter through email before the course with further information on what to bring, how to get to the school, etc

Please note that if the course is full, you will be put on a waiting list.

The course runs for the entire 16 weeks, and due to both pedagogical, academic, and law reasons we cannot individually change the length of the stay.

Could I get a refund, if I have enrolled but suddenly am unable to attend the course?
Refunds for people already enrolled will only be paid until 30 days prior to course start. This is in order for the school to have time to find a replacement student. This is also stated and accepted in the payment agreement.

What about the weekends?

There are no classes at the school during the weekends (except for the first weekend in which integration activities are scheduled). However, we intend to have weekend activities which you can participate in on a voluntary basis.