Improve your language skills

Language teaching is a very important part of the long course at Højskolen Østersøen. In the fall course, we offer language classes in Danish, SwedishGerman, Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese.

Since we have participants from many different countries in the course, the normal spoken language is English.

During your stay, you will have possibilities to practice your English, Danish and many other languages in normal conversations with your fellow students and the teachers at the school.

But of course, we also offer language classes as a part of the schedule. The school – located close to the Danish-German border – has a long tradition of teaching German.

You can choose to improve your English, learn German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Russian or even Chinese in the long course. The school also offers short courses focusing on the Danish and German language.

Our team of teachers has the experience and toolbox necessary to sharpen your language skills and prepare you for a globalized job market. The teaching is conversational and based on practical use and application of language skills.