School in Denmark invites people from around the world to learn how to live joyously

Take a sabbatical in Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world, and (re-)discover the art of living with joy and ease. You come to live in a former hotel building with all-inclusive food access from one up to four months. And the best thing: It’s almost for free.

Did you ever wonder, why so many people tend to loose all joy in life when they get older? Just look at a face of a child and at a face of an average adult. As we grow up, for many of us life more and more becomes a struggle, a fight against ourselves. And we think that struggle is a necessary part of existence. But is that true?

We don’t think so at Højskolen Østersøen, which is a special type of school for adults, that can only be found in Scandinavia. We believe, that conflict of any kind is not productive when it comes to creative thinking or of living a life as a sane human being. As the famous philosopher J. Krishnamurti puts it: „Conflict within oneself, projected outwardly, creates confusion in the world.“

We have created four month courses, where you live in an environment, which is almost totally free of outward pressure. In this school, there are no grades and no exams. The only requirement is, that you participate in classes for 21 hours a week. These are the perfect conditions to rediscover the art of living with ease and to celebrate life instead of struggling against it.

„In Denmark we’re pretty good at living happily and one of the reasons is schools like ours, where people can spend time free of pressure and struggle and simply do, what they are interested while living in a community with like-minded people“, says Karim Pedersen, principal of Højskolen Østersøen. „Now we want to invite the whole world to learn from us – and at the same enrich the school’s everyday life with many new perspectives so that our courses can become even more inspiring.“

Participants live in a former hotel building

The school’s subjects are widespread from the arts such as painting and music, physically engaging outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking to learning languages and other skills. We embrace Aristoteles’ idea of noble leisure. Quote: „To be at leisure is to be free to pursue studies and activities aimed at the cultivation of virtue (such as music, poetry and philosophy).“

As a participant you come to live in a former hotel building right next to the seashore, a place which is both a home and a learning space for the group of participants. You live here together from one up to four months in a group of around 40 to 70 people and learn together about the art of living joyously.

„Hygge – our word for the typical danish art of coziness – is now known around the world“, says principal Karim Pedersen. Life at Højskolen Østersøen is of course also about these moments of beauty and enjoyment, such as singing songs while sitting around our indoor fireplace. „After a couple of weeks everybody here becomes an expert in ‚hygge‘.“

The participants have all kinds of different backgrounds. From young people, who wish to figure out what their future life is going to look like, to professionals, who need a break from their occupation for one reason or another. They are all united by the wish to discover things about themselves and life in general, finding truths that helps them to lead a better and more fulfilling life.

Since the danish state is supporting schools like ours to a large extent, the courses are affordable for almost everyone. This is a unique opportunity for people from everywhere around the world to spend four months (or even longer, if you wish to participate in more than one course) in a beautiful environment, which is going to change your life and the way you think about living.


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