Time off

There are lots of things to do, when you don’t have lessons and on weekends. Below we have listed some examples for your inspiration. These are some of the things former and current students at Højskolen Østersøen do when they have time off.

In-doors facilities

The courses do to some extent ‘belong’ to the students, as the more you invest of yourself into the course, the more you can reap. The school has facilities which can aid actitivities.

These facilities are completely at your disposal, provided activities do not annoy other students, or break the facilities.
In other words; the facilities can be used, as long as you don’t annoy using them, and leave them in similar or better condition, when finished.

Facilities include:
* The Cafe, equipped with a full featured pool table, Fussball / table football, table tennis table, darts, loads of other games, along with a stereo, sofas and other furniture.
* A fireplace surrounded by sofas.
* A TV-room.
* Class rooms with projectors and sound systems for e.g. film watching
…amongst many other things

The region

Denmark is a tiny country, so you are never really very far from anything when staying here. In weekends you may go together with other students and buy group tickets for destinations both north and south of the Danish/German border.

North of the border we have towns such as Sønderborg (35 km from Aabenraa) and Denmarks oldest town, Ribe (about 50 km west of Aabenraa).

South of the border you find Flensburg (30 km from Aabenraa), or even Hamburg (2 hrs drive) along with loads and loads of other interesting destinations.   

Sports in the area

Situated a mere 20 meters from the beach, Højskolen Østersøen offers the possibility of using the fjord on a daily basis. Students has even been seen doing winter bathing! Two public beach volley courts are situated at the beach (at least in late spring to early fall), and are at your disposal.

About a kilometer from the school you will find public football pitches, and in the woods there are paths for mountainbiking.
In addition the peninsula north of Aabenraa features challenging hills for road cycling – if you get up early, you may even be able to ride with the school director!

About a kilometer away from the school you will also find a gymnasium with a swim stadium. Tickets for swimming is sold at a slight discount to students at Højskolen Østersøen’s office.